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Prom was born in the United States more than 100 years ago and has spread to other parts of the world.
It has become an industry similar to the wedding business,an American family spends more than 900 dollars on prom.
Much of it is spent on what the young adults wear to the formal dance. Gowns often cost in the hundreds of dollars.Make your homecoming dance a magical night to remember with an unforgettable prom dress!
Newarrivaldress understand the importance of your event, which is why they provide the highest quality materials.
Is an online store where you will get the most beautiful quality prom, special occasion dresses at unbelievably low prices, offer prom dresses and special occasion products to shoppers around the world.
The prom dress you wear depends on your personal style and your body shape.
 Ultimately, you can wear whatever you want to your prom – this includes short and long dresses.
Long prom dresses are a chance to show off your formal side, giving you a more elegant appearance. Finding a long dress in a style that’s right for your body is easier because there are a variety of styles to choose from. 
You should feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.
 Different colors tell people what your personality is, red prom dress is perfect if you are looking for a sensual and passionate look.

About Newarrival dress.. is a  global online Wedding dress & dress factory since 2012. The mission of is to provide you with the hottest wedding dresses and formal dresses at hot price.
 Offer a quick and easy online purchasing process in addition to offering all of clients a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team. And you can find thousands of dresses offered at incredible wholesale price.
Payment Methods:
Western Union
Bank Transfer

Newarrivaldress  promise to:
Buy Hottest Wedding Apparel & Special Occasion Dresses and ensure the highest quality possible.
Streamline the buying and payment process making it as easy as possible.
Help you buy Beautiful Dresses from manufacturers.
Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.
Provide 24 hour customer support on weekday.

Enjoy easy and pleasure shoping!!

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