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November means one things: sweater weather!!
 Sweaters have gotten a trendy make-over this season with lots of embellished details like bell sleeves, ruffles, lace, twist backs, lace-up backs… 
Get prepared for the colder days that are coming, it is time to wear sweaters..
Sweater is perfect choice for cold fall and winter days.
Cardigan sweater vests are great layering pieces to create a business-casual look.
 Pair it with a long-sleeved button down dress shirt or turtleneck.
If your shirt has a pattern or print, choose a solid colored cardigan to go with it. 
 It is great for making stylish combinations and it will keep you warm and comfortable.
A cardigan sweater is one of those staples that almost every woman has in her wardrobe.
 This fashion workhorse can be styled from preppy to edgy with the right accessories.
 See our favorite ways to wear a cardigan sweater right now.
You can wear any sort of sexy bottoms with oversized cardigans.
Skinny jeans, straight legs jeans and leggings are the best!!

Zipper  Plain   Elegant Pants

Broken Holes Single Button  Patchwork Jeans

How to wear a cardigans?

One easy way to give a cardigan instant shape is to add a belt. Place the belt at your true waist to create a sexy hourglass shape.

Get a soft, flattering look from a cardigan that doesn't have any fasteners. 

Take a basic look and add a dramatic touch with a long, patterned cardigan. 

Fringe Snap Front  Striped Cardigans

Want a sexy, relaxed look?
 Wear your cardigan buttoned up with nothing under.

V Neck  Single Breasted  Plain Cardigans

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Phone case..

Phone cases do a couple of things. They mainly protect the surface of your phone. A generic case will protect from scratches and the occasional short fall, and may even provide some style to your life. 
Sometimes, the most important factor when buying an iPhone case is the amount of money in your wallet.
You might have a limited budget for the case that protects that phone. While many cheap cases are not ideal for the most demanding iPhone 6 owners, a cheap case is still better than no case at all.
Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?
 Do you live in a rainy city? 
What kinds of activities do you do in your free time?
 If your lifestyle is active, or if you spend a lot of time in wet environments, you’ll want to get a rugged, waterproof, or water-resistant phone case.
In terms of water-resistant or waterproof models, make sure you understand the difference between the two, and select an iPhone 6 case that is right for your lifestyle.
 If you just want to keep rain off your phone, a water-resistant case is probably sufficient. However, if you want a case you can submerge, then you want something that’s fully waterproof.Some iPhone 6 cases have special features, such as storage for credit cards.

 Every phone case must match the person’s lifestyle to provide the best protection.
Pick an iPhone case with the right level of protection..
Who wants a case that looks like everyone else’s case?
 If image is everything to you, then you probably want an iPhone 6 case that has serious visual appeal. For some people, that means a cool design. For others, its all about sparkles and bling.

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