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I suggest you should try to wear the shapewear bodysuite. Unfortunately, most women are unhappy with there bodies after giving birth and a lot of times it’s because of the weight gain, the stretch marks and other changes that come with pregnancy,because our body goes through a drastic change.

Many women are suprised to find their baby bumps don't magically disappear once they give birth.. Part of reason is your still expanded uterus, excess leftover fluids. Your abdominal muscles and skin have been stretched out and you have stored some extra fat. Be patient, your tummy will get smaller in time. Wearing a sliming bodysuite can really restore your figure as soon as possible. The slimming bodysuite are designed to transform your figure while supporting your spine & instantly making your waist look 2-3 sizes smaller.

Postpartum support like sliming tank tops, sliming belts with high-quality elastic material, specifically with the postpartum body design, can well restore the maternal body. The ultra compresisive design of these body shapers will correct your posture, offer you back support and apply pressure in your abdominal area. 

Keep on top of the style game this season with our offering of the latest women's Postpartum Recovery Queen Size Tummy Control Body Shaper, meeting your needs for every occasion.
It Features:
1. The straps are detachable and easy to wear;
2. Snap button closure are very convenient if you want to go to the toilet;
3. U-shaped push up breast design fits a variety of bra sizes, makes you a beautiful hourglass figure;
4. It is an ideal gift for any women who loves and cares about their body shape;
5. Wide shoulder straps are designed to make sure you feel comfortable while wearing this body shaper

Loverbeauty Postpartum Maternity Bras Bodysuit Shaper. It Features:

1. It's designed for breastfeeding;

2. Three layers of the abdomen can strengthen the abdomen;

3. The hooks of crotch design are convenient for going to the toilet;

4. The inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric is comfortable and breathable.

This high waist shaper shorts targeted tummy compression works using hooks of varying compression to shape where you want to shape and leave space at the waistband and leg hems to remove the “muffin effect.” This high waist shapewear for women under dresses will Shape Waist Immediately. Made with strong stretchy fabric on waist position, firm control for your belly, it will help to smooth love handles.

It's become very clear to me that a lot celebrities wants us all to think they are lot slimmer than they really are.

The many celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Sofia Vergara, etc have shown that they have worn on the strapless body shaper or belly belt to make their body look sexier.

 So what are you waiting for? 

We’re amazing just the way we are. But sometimes, we have to admit that our bodies go through changes and tell the story of our lives: A child, an inspiring weight loss journey, or us growing wiser…After these changes, the clothes we used to wear just don’t fit quite the same. Then we might feel unattractive somehow and down about our bodies.

 LOVERBEAUTY was created by the purpose: a purpose that helps women overcome body issues, raise self-esteem and be their best selves. They shapewear isn't about hiding our bodies. Shapewear can be body-positive, you do not need shapewear, you choose shapewear to flaunt your curves. Beauty is a source of confidence. When it comes to your body, love the one you're with. Love them, and love our divine inner light, for we are, truly, divinely beautiful. All of us, inside and out, is beautiful, lovable and precious.

With LOVERBEAUTY shapewear, be your beautiful self.

 Visit and enjoy easy and pleasure shopping.

I definitely raccomand you and your friends to check this store!!!



czwartek, 18 czerwca 2020

Swiffer kit...

Ho avuto la possibilità di ricevere lo starter kit Swiffer, con i panni dry and wet.
Ho provato e devo dire che e eccezionale, meglio dell'aspirapolvere più comodo della scopa.

Raccoglie tutto senza problemi: polvere, pello di gatto, piccole bricciole.
Swiffer ti permette di pulire la tua casa in modo veloce ed efficace perfetto per chi ha poco tempo da dedicare alle pulizie di casa.
La scopa e leggerisima ed ergonomica, arriva ovunque!
Swiffer e un valido alleato per le pulizie di tutti giorni, lo consiglio vivamente a tutti!!
Grazie Club dei Desideri per avermi dato la possibilità di testare questo prodotto.