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How to pick the perfect pair of boots...

In the world, all women adore shoes. Flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, heels, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes, women love shoes, desire and lust after them.
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It can be hard to find the perfect pair of snow boots.
Decide if comfort is a priority. How comfortable they need to be based on how they will be used.
Decide if you need waterproof boots.
 Most people will want waterproof snow boots, so that their feet don't get wet.
 The taller the boots, the more they can protect you from high snow. 
Weigh fashion versus function..
Sometimes the cutest boots are not the most comfortable or sensible, but they are the right boots for you. In other cases you will decide to get the most comfortable boots even though they are not very attractive.

Boots are very versatile and come in many different styles and heights, but it can be difficult to choose what type of boot works best with an outfit.
Match your boot to the occasion.
Choose ankle or knee-high boots with a low heel or no heel for walking around town, attending a sports game, or other casual occasions.

Choose heeled boots for a party or nighttime outing..

Find a boot that will work with the proportions of your body.If you have wide calves, look for boots with elastic panels.

If you have short legs, favor slim-fitted boots with heels to add length to your legs. 

Consider comfort and quality. 
Look for well-made boots and spend a little more if you have to so that they’ll last longer.
Wear boots for the weather.
 Invest in boots appropriate for bad weather so that you don’t ruin other boots that are not meant for rain, snow..
Get a quality pair of rubber boots for rainy weather.

Go with moon boots or mukluks for snow to repel moisture and stay warm.

Wear boots over slim-fit pants. Choose ankle or knee-high boots like cowboy boots or riding boots to tuck pants or jeans into.

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