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We are in the middle of winter, but we already dreaming about summer. Swimsuits trends that are going to be huge in 2017!!
 Check out this list !! Hurry up and find your swimsuite now!!

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Swimsuite trends:
This year we are looking for high-leg silhouettes that cut all the way up the hip, fabric like mesh and crochet with lace up.
They are super chic this year!!
This swimwear combines aspects of fashion swimwear and athletic apparel to create a category of suits that are appropriate for gentle water exercise, such as water aerobics or aqua jogging. 

1. Lace-up swimsuite

2. Floral print.

3. High-Neck 

4. Mesh insert.

5. Stripes.

6. Monokini

7. Swimdress

8. Hight waist bikini

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